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About Us

Mission Statement:

Many voices – One vision to eliminate bullying (In conjunction with the London Anti-Bullying Coalition)

Vision Statement:

York Region Anti-Bullying Coalition is a non-profit advocacy organization to assist parents in navigating the complex school system when trying to find answers. We strive for a school system that will foster equality among all students, a mutual respect for one another, and a culture of fairness void of racism and violence.


To create awareness of bullying, work with the community to educate children about how to recognize acts of bullying, and how to respond to such acts.

To assist those affected by bullying, by partnering with community counselling and treatment services.

To research what other school boards across Canada are doing to successfully reduce the amount of bullying.

To lobby the government for changes to legislation, to ensure victims of bullying and student-on-student violence receive equal opportunities to move forward with their education, similar to those currently in place for the aggressors/perpetrators .


The York Region Anti-Bullying Coalition was founded by Karen Sebben and her family as a result of their son Daniel Sebben, suffering three years of “genuine bullying”.

The family was faced with a challenge that changed the direction of their lives forever. Bullying affected the entire family unit to a degree that they weren’t sure whether or not they would emotionally survive the trauma that they endured.

Once the healing process began, they realized that, based on personal experience, they could offer up assistance by way of a non-profit organization that will not only address the issue of bullying, but will assist parents of children, who are bullied to navigate the school system with a focus on fairness, respect and equality for every student.



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