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The Bullying Business

Bullying by the Numbers: A Breakdown of Bullying Statistics and Facts

Educhatter's Blog - "Rehtaeh Parsons Report: Why Do School Systems Produce Such Fluff?"

Bullyville.com article entitled - "Cambridge mother alleges teachers, fellow student bullied her son"

York Region article entitled - "Ombudsman needs more power to probe MUSH"

Globe and Mail article entitled - "Have Your Say: What if your child is the bully? "

York Region article entitled - "School bullies are made, not born"

Homesecurity.org article entitled - "Cybercrimes on a Personal Level: What is Cyberbullying?"

York Region article entitled - "Hold adults accountable for youth bullying"

York Region article entitled - "Anti-bullying guide launched in York Region"

York Region article entitled - "York board has new weapon in war on bullying"

Reena Virk Story - "Senseless Teen Violence – Senseless Waste"

Global News article entitled - "How social bullying works & what victims can do about it"

London Communitu News article entitled - "Schoolgirl arrests seen as encouraging tool in anti-bullying crusade"

London Free Press article entitled - "Eight suspended indefinitely after bullying arrests"

Tb News Watch article entitled - "Graphic images: Police investigating nude photo exchange of high school students"

PETITION: "Arrest Cyber Bullies Responsible for Amanda Todd's Death"

York Region article entitled - "East Gwillimbury Women Honoured for bully fight"

Toronto Sun article entitled - "It's about time for anti-bullying bills"

York Region article entitled - "Parties pitch competing anti-bully bills"



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